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Welcome to Hayfield Hub

Hayfield Hub - The Hayfield Mountain Biking and Cycling Club/Group. A group for those who pedal from and around Hayfield.

A collective of cyclists of various disciplines, centred on the weekly Wednesday night ride (mountain bikes @ 7.30pm from the Sett Valley Trail car park) and drinks afterwards, the group has grown from just the mid-week mountain bike ride, to a group that includes road, track, cyclocross cyclists etc. There's even a regular unicyclist in the group who rides both on and off-road!

If you are a local, passionate cyclist / rider / pedaller who thinks that you can bring something to our group, then you’re very welcome!

In addition to the group's rides, and the Wednesday night ride, Hayfield Cycling Hub also runs events. These range from 1km lung-bursting hill climbs to 12 hour endurance epics, the 'Mental Hillness' Hayfield enduro. Please see the Events section for more details.

You can use the Facebook page if you are going for a ride at any time and would enjoy some company. Common sense really. Hayfield Hub is a non-profit organisation run at cost by Hayfield cyclists.

Please see the About section or our Facebook page for more information.


What's it all About?

The Hayfield Hub website is run by local cyclists. The initial idea for this web site came from trying to fit rides into hectic lives. The forum on the initial website gave us a hub to communicate about rides (and other cycling related issues) whilst juggling other commitments. As technology has evolved, and the group has grown, we now use a Facebook group to communicate, organise rides and events.

The group has always had a weekly Wednesday night club mountain bike ride, but as more people have joined, the number of rides has increased too. There are usually a road and mountain bike ride every weekend too.

The Wednesday night MTB rides are usually about 2-3 hours long. We meet in The Sett Valley Trail car-park at 7.30pm – come along and join us, you will be very welcome! Route choices are either discussed on Facebook beforehand or at the start of the ride. The route choices are made with consideration of the weather, the number of riders out, and their fitness levels. The overall pace is dictated by the slowest (be that up-hill or down) with faster riders waiting for regular head-counts at gates and junctions. If there are enough riders, there are two groups (a faster, longer route or a shorter, slower one) depending on the requests of who’s out.
These rides can be quite fast, but are sociable and always end at the pub (with many choosing to go inside to rehydrate!).

Hayfield Hub also organises events: these range from 1 km hill-climb time-trials to 12 hour endurance epics. Please see the Events page for more details.

The Hayfield Hub club ride 'rules':

Running late for a ride
When meeting for a ride, we will of course wait for riders who are running a bit late, but need to leave as promptly as possible it is not fair on everyone else. So make sure you and your equipment are ready in good time.

Getting a gate
when riding off-road, the first rider to a gate, 'gets the gate'; they hold it open for everyone else, counts them through, and then re-joins the group again at the back. The last rider is then their responsibility until they get to the next gate, or junction, where some else has 'got-the-gate'.

No helmet, no ride.
What you do when you are riding on your own is your own business, but we do not want to have to scrape you up and carry you off the hillside un-necessarily!

It's free
It is free to ride with Hayfield Hub; there are no joining fees or subs; and all (responsible experienced adult cyclists) are welcome.

Riders will also need to obey the rules of the Highway Code and be respectful to the countryside, club members and others.

Hayfield Hub is a non-profit organisation and is run on donations to cover the small costs involved. Hayfield Hub is a Facebook group and not a club, therefore there is no insurance and all riders do so at their own risk. If you ride with Hayfield Hub, you take sole responsibility for yourself, your equipment and your actions. Any coordinators are not in charge and cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage etc. You need to ride within your own ability, and ensure that your equipment is appropriate.

So, come and join us for a technical, sociable, safe and enjoyable ride in the dark peak on a Wednesday, or join the Facebook group for more rides and information.

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Mental Hillness 2010
A charity endurance mountain bike and fell-run challenge. Click for more details.

Mental Hillness 2009
A charity endurance mountain bike and fell-run challenge. Click for more details.

Hill Climbs
Who's-the-quickest-up-the-hill time trials. Click for more details.

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Join us

If you are a local, passionate cyclist / rider / pedaller who thinks that you can bring something to our group, then you’re very welcome!

As social networking is taking over the world, Hayfield Hub now uses a Facebook group for all ride planning, discussions, photos and event communication.

To request to join our group click here. You will need to register for a Facebook account if you don't have one already.

Remember, Hayfield Hub has grown with good riders thinking, "not what the hub can do for them, but what they can do for the hub!" ;) You can only expect to get out what you put in...

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